Impacto de la carga de buses eléctricos en la red de distribución y la red eléctrica local en Varsovia, Polonia

Electric buses are increasingly appearing on the streets of cities around the world. Thus, it is necessary to consider the impact of their charging on the distribution system operation, especially near the charging point. This article presents the problems that may arise while new charging points are connected. Research was carried out on the existing charging point at Spartańska Street in Warsaw, which allowed to obtain daily bus charging profiles and voltage curves. The authors then proposed an exemplary model of a bus terminus with the designed infrastructure for charging buses, based on the assumptions of the public transport operator in Warsaw. The comparison of these two solutions was made and based on it, a methodology of calculating daily demand for any terminus was prepared. In addition, no problems with the power quality were found during the research. This allows us to state that the introduction of electric buses into the fleet of passenger carriers will have a minor impact on the operation of the power system in Warsaw. 

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