For Electric Vehicle Charging

In Latin America and the Carribean

nteroperability, the capacity of systems and the underlying business processes to exchange data and to share information and knowledge, is an important ingredient for such a mature and integrated ecosystem of EV charging.

This report is part of a broader study on interoperability of electric vehicle (EV) charging in Latin America and the Caribbean. It provides recommendations to improve interoperability and thereby the functioning of the whole ecosystem of EV charging divided in 3 parts:

1.Description of the theoretical framework, introducing and defining concepts such as openness, interoperability and roaming. It also introduces the market framework of EV charging, its actors, and processes. Finally, it introduces the theory of ‘layers of interoperability’ as a means of assessing the current and desired level of interoperability.
2.Assessment of countries in the Latin-American region: their energy market configuration and development of EV charging either as a regulated energy service, or as a separate service. An overview is given of the Latin American and Caribbean countries and their current status regarding EV charging and interoperability.
3.Assessment of the different energy market configurations and how this impacts the development towards interoperable EV charging. It also contains a number of specific recommendations for governments to work on, in order to support the transition towards electric mobility, and capture the benefits of a sustainable future for transportation.

Interoperability Layers

The Hardware Layer

The connectors and plugs of electric vehicles and charging stations need to be interoperable

The Communication Layer

All hardware and software systems, that are steering and controlling the hardware, need to communicate seamlessly with each other

The Information Layer

The information that is being exchanged between actors and systems needs to be recognized and interpreted to be meaningful

The Service Layer

Business processes and services between actors need to be aligned to provide seamless and user-centric services

The Business Layer

A clear regulatory and business framework needs to be defined to provide a predictable context for governments, businesses, grid operators, and EV drivers, among other actors, to develop and grow interoperable EV charging services

Interoperability for EV Charging

In Latin America and the Caribbean