The electrification of mobile machinery used in mining, construction and agriculture applications poses a challenge to the transition towards electric transportation with a comprehensive perspective. Batteries are positioned as a central piece to achieve this goal. Therefore, the development of a battery technology that enables the electrification od the machinery.

However, there are a series of barriers that must be overcomed, such as: user safety; thermal control; adaptability, durability, and resilience to extreme working conditions; and an architecture adjusted to specific requirements imposed by the industrial machinery.

In this session we will learn how XING Mobility has advanced in the development of battery systems for electric vehicles in specialized applications. It mainly works for commercial vehicles and industrial machinery for mining, construction, and agriculture. We will be introduced to possible applications and how the company have overcome innovation challenges. We will understand how these commercial and industrial vehicles can be electrified as a solution for the region.

SPEAKER: Sherwood Hochen, Business development Director, Xing Mobility.

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