CHAdeMO DC charging technology: Successful transition towards nation- and region-wide zero-emission transport systems

What are the key factors to be considered in developing an e-mobility plan? The status of power system? Availability of EV models? Public awareness? Incentives for EV purchase? All of these are important, but the deployment of charging infrastructure is undeniably an essential precondition for a sustainable and successful transition towards zero-emission transport.

With the objective of contributing to the Caribbean and Latin American countries in their efforts to shift towards carbon neutral societies, this seminar is designed to provide practical guidance on the efficient deployment of charging infrastructure based on CHAdeMO’s over 10 years of market experience as well as in-field experience of collaborating with national authorities to design and implement supportive policies and measures to address e-mobility challenges. This seminar is open to all e-mobility stakeholders and does not require any technical knowledge.

Speakers: DAVE YOSHIDA, Secretary-General, CHAdeMO Association; TOMOKO BLECH, Representative, CHAdeMO Europe

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About CHAdeMO

CHAdeMO is an internationally recognised provider of safe, affordable and interoperable charging technology. With 36 000 charge points and 1 million CHAdeMO plug-ins in the world, CHAdeMO is one of the most popular charging standards today. CHAdeMO is also the only standardised charging protocol that defines V2X and has mass-produced cars and chargers available. For more information, please visit

It is correct to say that only CHADEMO supports V2X and CCS?

CHAdeMO supports the bi-directional charging technology, including V2X. You can find more information on our website at

And CCS does not support bi-directional flow.

Who are the main manufacturers of ChadeMo technology? Are there manufacturers in LatAm?

You can find the name of our member manufactures and their products on our product page at In terms of charger manufacturers, it is unfortunate, but there are only two members from Latin America (both are from Brazil). However, as explained by the speaker at the webinar, our European member manufacturers such as ABB, EFECEC, Circontrol and Enel/ENDESA have operational activities in your region. For more information, please directly contact them. You can find their contact details on our product page as mentioned above (it is possible to narrow down your search using filters available on the top). In terms of CHAdeMO-compatible vehicles, please refer to or send your query directly to the automakers in your region.

Is there any relation between charging options and (renewable) energy sourcing?

Not directly, because the energy sourcing will be determined according to the customer’s choice and the utility company offers, however, the EV uptake and greening of the grid (RES integration of the grid) should indeed go hand in hand, because an EV can act as a mobile battery, and when you aggregate these EVs (batteries), this can serve as a balancing force to counter the increased instability of the grid with much renewables. CHAdeMO is enabled with V2G function and can be used to facilitate the integration of  renewable energy sources by stabilizing the grid. For more information, please visit our V2X page at:

The new Nissan Ariya is being run by a CCS charger does that mean that Nissan are moving away from CHADEMO ?

Not at all. As far as we understood, these decisions were driven by the regional business environment at the design phase of the vehicle. This is like VW, BWM, Porsche and JLR using CHAdeMO for the vehicles for the Japanese market in the past 5 years. In fact, Ariya will use CHAdeMO for the Japanese market, while their models for Europe and North America will be equipped with CCS-type inlets. We have so far no information about their charging preference for the Latin American /Caribbean markets.

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