20th American Congress on Mobility and Sports

Del 22 – 24 July 2018
Montevideo, Uruguay

The 20th American Congress on Mobility and Sports brings together executives from Latin American and Caribbean automobile clubs to address issues such as the future of mobility, clean transportation and road safety.

The program of the meeting includes the gala of the FIA ​​Americas Awards, on July 23, in which UN Environment receives a recognition for its action on environment protection and sustainable mobility, specifically in promoting policies to advance electric mobility and the replacement of current vehicle fleets.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, UN Environment works to accelerate the transition to electric mobility through MOVEa regional platform to bring governments, municipalities, business and technology centers to the latest technical novelties, and policy and finance solutions on electric mobility.

“The move towards electric mobility is already happening in the region. Let’s speed up this transition to clean the air of our cities, save more lives and avoid the worst effects of climate change”, said UN Environment Regional Director, Leo Heileman.

The host of the 20th American Congress on Mobility and Sports is the FIA ​​Region IV, which represents the FIA ​​in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The FIA is the governing body of world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring organisations. Founded in 1904, it brings together 232 national motoring and sporting organisations from 134 countries, representing millions of motorists worldwide. In motor sport, it administers the rules and regulations for all international four-wheel sport, including the FIA Formula One World Championship, the FIA Formula E and the FIA World Rally Championship.

Learn more on UN Environment’s work on electric mobility in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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